Review on Writing Services was the last custom essay writing service Australia that I tried. They offer essay writing services from the level of high school to professional ones. They have been around for 5 years and their contact details puts them in Scotland.

Review on

At first glance of EssayWriter writing company with good reviews, I was instantly impressed. It is not crowded but contains all the information I needed for a homework order on “The Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and Significance of His Life on World History.” Immediately, I didn’t like the pressure of their hard sell approach and was skeptic over their guarantee of a grade of 98 or higher. Really?

10% first time discount

A good come-on for me was the 10% discount offered for first-time orders so unlike other websites, I could avail of a discount right away. However, looking at the prices, rates are much higher than other websites by as much as $10! With another website, I would have to pay around $60 while with this website, the rate increased to over $75 which means I would still be paying more by $7.50! This means this first-time discount is really misleading.

Review on

Essay Writer org also offer 3 kinds of discounts: beginner, standard, and permanent but you have to order a minimum number of pages before the discount can be applied. Again, this is not really savings since the minimum order for the 5% discount is 15 pages and 40 pages for the 10% discount.

Is it legit?

I also found out that there are other essay writing help Australia students websites with very similar domain names. In fact, the only difference is the end section of the domain name. This one ends in “.org” while the others end in “,” and “.net.” After discovering this, I finally understood why there where so many contrasting feedback online.

I did find out that website claims to be US-based so that gave me some comfort under the assumption that the standards should be high.

For EssayWriter org website, the feedback was not the least favorable among the other two websites but it did not get the best reviews either. Unfortunately, they were not forthcoming about where their writers are from and their qualification and only promised good organization and attention to deadlines.

Final step – essay order

I went ahead and ordered the essay since I was running out of time and still had a lot to do. I was devastated when I saw what I got back the next day. The 4 pages were complete but the word count was low.

The quality was inferior even by my standards and I just knew not to submit it “as is.”

I was also not happy with customer support which did nothing to help my situation. In fact, all they could promise me was that their Quality and Control group would look into the work and decide if it was good enough or not. Unfortunately, their Q&C group took too long to decide and I had no choice but to fix the paper myself or risk getting no grade at all.

Oh, unfortunately, I can’t recommend writing services for Aussie students, but you can easily click the button below and get a high quality help with any academic task!

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