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I really wanted to contract my case study out to a writing service but when I found out that a 7 page case study with a 6 day deadline would cost me almost US$100, I balked. Instead, I decided to personally work on my case study and look for a company that would write my 4 page dissertation essay entitled “Resistance to Change in a Corrupt Government” for my Political Science class’ final requirement.

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Luckily I have a lot of time to spare before the deadline so my objective was to find the best assignment writing Australia service with positive reviews since this assignment would cover 30% of my final grade.

Recommended by a friend

I came upon because it was recommended to me. The website is friendly with basic with high school level graphics. They have samples of essays and one case study which could be downloaded. I was impressed with the quality of writing. According to the website, BuyEssay writers are Masters and PhD graduates and they have a team of 2,500 writers from different fields.

The website does not have an FAQ page so you have to turn to Live Chat for quick answers.

Fortunately, Live Chat is very efficient. They are upfront about making the occasional mistake but stand by their guarantees of 100% originality, money back, and on-time delivery.

Prices & Discounts

The prices at appear more affordable than other sites but you will only get the exact amount for your order after you email the instruction details. In fact, even the Live Chat is evasive about giving prices until after you email them. Also, the BuyEssay company is based in India and any lawsuits will be processed according to India’s laws. The company claims that their writers are not just from India but also from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, there is no specific number of native English writers from countries other than India so it could mean anywhere 1 or 10 from each country.

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You get a draft midway through the order which is great because you can assess the flow and progress. – it’s custom essay writing service in Australia, which also offers discount just like other similar websites from 5 to 15%, reference discount, and freebies like the revisions within 14 days, Title Page, bibliography, Table of Contents, and 24/7 consultations.

Waiting for my order

I ordered my case study, paid the fee, and waited. I did get the draft in time and noticed some errors. I highlighted them and sent it back for revision and final draft. When I got my essay from BuyEssay net, I was very surprised, it was obviously written by a non-native Australian essay writer. For instance, the sentences were consistently short and there were misspelled words like “their” instead of “there.”

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There was also an abundant use of the comma which I had to correct. It was only after I reviewed the assignment help work from and complained that I found out that one has to pay an extra 30% to get a native English writer! There was also a problem with the format which the writer was unable (did not know?) to correct so I had to do it myself. I got a good grade on the paper but not a good experience all around.

Oh, unfortunately, I can’t recommend writing services for Aussie students, but you can easily click the button below and get a high quality help with any academic task!

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Review on Essay Writing Services is another website that offers writing services. Having ordered my argumentative essay from another website, I was ready to get more assignment help. I had a paper due for my English class, a book review on The Grapes of Wrath. Right away, I had a problem with the website as it was slow to upload.

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When I finally got to the Home Page of, it kept automatically resetting even when I had already scrolled down. It was very annoying and made me dizzy. I almost gave up trying to read the information even there was not a lot to read.

First impression

I went straight ahead to the FAQ section since I wanted to get more information about Paperhelp but the overall impression I got was that of a snotty FAQ who looks down on students and their assignment writing Australia projects. For example, the website warns against submitting plagiarized work for editing and any difficulties with uploading being caused by the customer’s system whereas they are “highly unlikely to make mistakes.” They also have this VIP status for $14.95 which promises maximum attention which begs the question: What do non-VIPS get at

Where is the support team?

I also tried contacting them about Paperhelp service using the Live Chat but you need to input Department, which left me with a blank and no Live Chat.

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On the high points, I like the fact that their team consists of postgraduate professionals from the US, UK, and Australian essay writers. also offer 4 kinds of writers: regular writer, advanced regular writer, TOP writer, and previous writer. You can also buy a plagiarism report which is charged based on number of pages and starts at US$9.99 and an abstract paper for US$14.95. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Any discounts?

If you order a second time, you qualify for a 5% discount; higher discounts for over 10 and 25 orders. There are 3 free revisions allowed as long as the first instructions are not revised. In short, they will only revise simple errors but not overhaul the article or piece. Plus, if PaperHelp decides that all your instructions have been met, no revisions will be allowed which means they have a policy of “Take it or leave it” based on their interpretation of your instructions.

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At this point, I just wanted to turn away from website because the company seemed more intent on protecting itself than servicing me. However, I decided to send in my order because I was desperate.

Final words on my book review

When I got my book review, I was disappointed with the quality. Perhaps I should have trusted my instincts. The assignment help from was acceptable, not exceptional. There were a couple of errors and some of my instructions were not followed. I requested for revisions which was done quickly. I didn’t get a high grade but I was fairly happy with the results.

Oh, unfortunately, I can’t recommend writing services for Aussie students, but you can easily click the button below and get a high quality help with any academic task!

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