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I heard about at university and then found it by simple google search. I didn’t know how to use these services because I hadn’t had such experience. It’s not that I never had papers written – sometimes I did order an occasional essay from my fellow students (I’m a lazybones and I know it). An unpleasant – well, shameful – accident put an end to it: I was caught with 80% plagiarized paper (‘written’ by the student I trusted) and got a reprimand from my teacher. I was told to write a new one in four days but I was so upset that wasn’t able to write a word. So, I decided to have it written again – this time using service that guarantees no plagiarism. reviews

What I liked in EduZaurus website from the very start is its user-friendliness. The site is so simple that one can’t click a wrong button. Everything was absolutely clear even for a novice like me. review order placing
Another thing that I liked there is a great selection (hundreds!) of authors and a decent number of the works already completed – more than 22 thousand in all. The numbers implied that staff delivers quality work, and two days later my experience confirmed it.
I registered at, filled in the order form, and… started annoying the staff in live chat. As I see now, I was an terrible client: I was so distressed that I needed guarantees that my recent experience won’t occur again. And I got these guarantees – a dozen of times, from at least five people.


I needed my assignment written (2-page essay on Environmental Issues) in 4 days, ordered it written in 3 days, got it in 2 days. The quality was perfect, with all the requirements as to its format met. Although, I suspect that that the author from EduZaurus delivered the paper a day earlier just to get rid of me – so nervous I was when communicating with her… reviews


The Edu Zaurus paper was plagiarism-free, that was the first thing I checked and re-checked (you know – once bit, twice shy. I was bit VERY painfully). I have no objections to quality: the essay was well-researched and properly written and delivered even ahead of time.


After placing the order I got curious whether prices at EduZaurus weren’t too high. I visited ten more websites and found out that they are neither the lowest, nor the highest – just average. What is more, prices for urgent writings are even a bit below average.


Live chat at is superb. I am grateful to the support team members for their saintly patience. Really. All of the people I chatted with were polite and sympathetic. They calmed me down like real psychotherapists and assured me that everything would be ok. And it was ok. support

So, in my review I can say that gave me what I wanted without much trouble. They keep their promises and REALLY delivered plagiarism-free content. In addition, in this review I’d like to thank the stuff for their politeness, because, if truth be told, I was an awful client.

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My acquaintance with the site was a necessary measure, but it saved my health. After college entrance, I realized that studying here is very different from the school! There were more subjects, more difficult task, and less time and fun. Frankly speaking, not that I expected from a student’s life! During the first week of study, I was given a task to EduBirdie to write an essay, so instead of a party thrown for acquaintance with classmates, I was sitting in a hostel and doing homework.

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From the moment life has gone awry. I haven’t made friends with groupmates, did not have enough time for lessons, did not get enough sleep, was nervous and malnourished! After a few months of studying, I began to feel bad, felt weakness and headache, started to appear stomach pain. I went to the doctor and he said it was because of nerves, and I urgently need to change the way of life! But how could I change the way of life, if everything remains the same. All the same amount of homework and tests. But of course health is priceless, so I decided to ask for help with my homework to

First acquaintance with website

The greatest amount of time I spend on writing different essays, so I began searching for a company that specializes in this issue. I asked for advice from my few friends. I wanted to know whether they use such services, and to my surprise, everyone said yes! Most of them advised EduBirdie site.

I was just given a task to write an essay on the topic “The philosophical views of Karl Marx”, so I decided to place an order on this website.

I’ve never used such resources, so that I thought it will be difficult to deal with their navigation and a variety of items, but it was much easier and faster than I expected. Registration on the site took me a few minutes, after which I proceeded to ordering. This, also, was simple and clear. It was necessary to choose the type of work item, quantity of pages, the deadlines, the basic requirements for sources and design of the work, and of course, indicate the topic of the work.

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I had 5 days to do the work, so there was a lot of authors who wanted to start implementation of this task.

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The price ranged from $ 105 to $ 120. I do not know what the prices on other sites, but I thought it was a reasonable price for a five-page essay on philosophy. The next step – is the choice of the Edu Birdie author. Among the huge number of writers with Top user ratings, and a huge amount of completed works it was really difficult to choose just one. I chose Super_Phd.writer who had 1522 completed works and five stars from his customers. Besides, I liked the comments of satisfied customers.

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In addition, this EduBirdy writer was in the network and even wrote me a message, convinced that he had an extensive knowledge in my issue.

review on Edubirdie

The price is also suited me, so I have no doubt to entrusted this task to the author. While the professional was writing essay for me, I had time to prepare for tests, visit the party and go to bed earlier. Only by getting rid of one task – to write an essay, I had much more free time and optimism. But, nevertheless, I worried about the results of the work of By the appointed time I got my task. After reading it, I realized that I could not have done better.

The work was delightful:

  • interesting;
  • creative and informative;
  • plagiarism free;
  • completed in time;
  • professionally constructed:
  • at an affordable cost.

But my doubts vanished completely when the professor gave me an A + for this work. Ever since then, I always order essays and term papers on site, and my marks are always on top.

Final words

My health and social life is also at altitude. I have a good sleep, eat on a schedule, go to parties, and finally enjoy student life. And all this – thanks to Australian EduBirdie! Thank you very much for your help!

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