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I heard about at university and then found it by simple google search. I didn’t know how to use these services because I hadn’t had such experience. It’s not that I never had papers written – sometimes I did order an occasional essay from my fellow students (I’m a lazybones and I know it). An unpleasant – well, shameful – accident put an end to it: I was caught with 80% plagiarized paper (‘written’ by the student I trusted) and got a reprimand from my teacher. I was told to write a new one in four days but I was so upset that wasn’t able to write a word. So, I decided to have it written again – this time using service that guarantees no plagiarism. reviews

What I liked in EduZaurus website from the very start is its user-friendliness. The site is so simple that one can’t click a wrong button. Everything was absolutely clear even for a novice like me. review order placing
Another thing that I liked there is a great selection (hundreds!) of authors and a decent number of the works already completed – more than 22 thousand in all. The numbers implied that staff delivers quality work, and two days later my experience confirmed it.
I registered at, filled in the order form, and… started annoying the staff in live chat. As I see now, I was an terrible client: I was so distressed that I needed guarantees that my recent experience won’t occur again. And I got these guarantees – a dozen of times, from at least five people.


I needed my assignment written (2-page essay on Environmental Issues) in 4 days, ordered it written in 3 days, got it in 2 days. The quality was perfect, with all the requirements as to its format met. Although, I suspect that that the author from EduZaurus delivered the paper a day earlier just to get rid of me – so nervous I was when communicating with her… reviews


The Edu Zaurus paper was plagiarism-free, that was the first thing I checked and re-checked (you know – once bit, twice shy. I was bit VERY painfully). I have no objections to quality: the essay was well-researched and properly written and delivered even ahead of time.


After placing the order I got curious whether prices at EduZaurus weren’t too high. I visited ten more websites and found out that they are neither the lowest, nor the highest – just average. What is more, prices for urgent writings are even a bit below average.


Live chat at is superb. I am grateful to the support team members for their saintly patience. Really. All of the people I chatted with were polite and sympathetic. They calmed me down like real psychotherapists and assured me that everything would be ok. And it was ok. support

So, in my review I can say that gave me what I wanted without much trouble. They keep their promises and REALLY delivered plagiarism-free content. In addition, in this review I’d like to thank the stuff for their politeness, because, if truth be told, I was an awful client.

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