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I have a variety of clients who ask me to write web content, articles and marketing material for them. The topics are diverse which can sometimes cause my brain to freeze, especially when it is an academic or technical question. I would stare at the screen waiting for inspiration to start writing my client’s article or I would trawl the internet aimlessly, hoping to hit on a brilliant idea to get me started. Reviews

The topics I am asked to write about range from how to put your baby to sleep, to different ways of communicating in the workplace. With a large client base who all demand absolute originality and who generally have tight deadlines, I can truly say that I have to sometimes use outside sources to give me inspiration.

I was referred to by another freelancer whose college-going daughter recommended to her, and I have found it of great benefit.

The screens have clear instructions and are not cluttered with unnecessary information which is quite unusual for it being a new site – usually StudyFAQ try and find their feet first with too much clutter on the screen.

Website Layout

Instructions are clear with step-by-step graphical representations which are easy to follow and understand, even for people whose first language is not English. When I first browsed through the site to understand how it works, I was impressed with the logical way in which it is laid out.

From the opening screen with a box in which to post your question, right down to examples of recent questions, I did not feel overwhelmed by too much information which I was not interested in in the first place.

The list of StudyFAQ experts are arranged with their tutor topics so you can get a good idea of the range of expertise available. All the college and university topics can be answered by almost 1,500 expert tutors to help students turn in their essays. I found it of value for my writing as well when I posted my question “What does cross-cultural knowledge and communication contribute to the success of a business?” which I need to write about for one of my own clients.

Posting a Question

As soon as I posted my question, screens took me through the bidding process to where tutors were standing by to give me prices on answering my question. The easy screen where I typed in more information about my question gave me the opportunity to choose the length of paper I wanted in answer to my question. It also gave me a box where I could type in the deadline for the response.

Within two minutes I got 12 respondents with a total of 23 after three minutes. About 90% of them were online to chat via a pop-up screen, making this a very convenient feature for people in different time-zones.

Contacting first tutors

I also got an email about five minutes later informing me that I have been successfully registered on the StudyFAQ site with additional emails containing suggestions for the most appropriate tutor to answer my question. This kind if turnaround time is impressive when you are driven by deadlines.

The important features of service are:

  • Safety: Their privacy policy guarantees that your information will never be shared.
  • Support: They have 24/7 email and online chat support.
  • Quality: They guarantee originality for every paper.
  • Easy payment: You have a choice of five payment options.

Conclusion – is a new site but the concept of having tutors bid on your question and being able to write a comprehensive paper on the topic, is refreshing and long outstanding. The clean design and ease of navigation is a bonus when you are using the site for the first time. Too many times sites give too much information which puts a lot of people off, but not this one. Payment options are easy to follow and the whole process from start to finish took under ten minutes.

My rating for review is a solid 5/5 with a bonus for innovation.

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